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The gruesome murder of a French mathematician, a device safe-guarding the intimate details of millions and an enigmatic billionaire, converge to unleash chaos on a global scale. 


After a devastating terrorist attack in Paris, Katherine Preacher, a former CIA analyst, finds herself lured back into a world of deception and betrayal. A world she thought she had escaped.


Kate’s husband, retired Navy SEAL Jake Church, fights his own battles in the murky underworld of global terror and executive protection. Caught in the middle of the Paris attack, Jake was the right man in the wrong place. His actions spark an international media storm, showering the couple with unwanted attention and putting a target on Kate’s back.


Now, pursued by a ruthless figure from her past, and terrorists bent on revenge, Kate will discover there’s nowhere to hide and only one way out.


Relentless, the first book in the new Kate Preacher series, is a thrilling tale of bravery, resilience, and undying love. If you like high-stakes action and heart-stopping twists, you’ll love Relentless. The book takes readers on a whirlwind journey where trust is scarce, danger lurks at every turn, and survival is never guaranteed.


Exclusively on Amazon - Winter 2023


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Relentless book covers- Author Michael Maloof
Relentless ebook cover - Author Michael Maloof
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