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Michael Maloof, a seasoned entrepreneur with a knack for turning ideas into multi-million-dollar acquisitions, marks a thrilling new chapter in a dynamic career with his debut novel, Relentless. 

Born with an insatiable curiosity and a genetic case of wanderlust, Michael’s foray into the world of thriller writing brings his rich tapestry of personal experiences to the page in a heart-pounding, globe-trotting adventure.

With a career spanning over 35 years in the world of high-tech startups, Michael’s roles have ranged from CEO and CTO to angel investor. Yet, it is his latest role as an author that will be his most thrilling yet. Michael’s unique ability to immerse himself in his work is evident in his transition from tech pioneer to captivating storyteller.

His wanderlust has taken him to over forty countries across six continents, each trip adding another chapter to his already rich life story. Michael’s adventures read like a thriller novel in themselves: from dredging for gold in Honduras and hunting Mayan artifacts in Guatemala to acquiring uncut diamonds in Liberia and dodging an elephant charge in Kenya.

But his tales aren’t confined to adrenaline-fueled exploits. Michael’s commitment to authentic experiences has seen him tramping through the jungles and swamps of Cameroon in pursuit of giant frogs, half the size of a man, or handling some of Africa’s most venomous snakes, always flirting dangerously with the thrill of the unknown.

Michael's most treasured experiences include remarkable opportunities to train with the likes of Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders, Army Rangers, Green Berets, and Flight Medics. In these men, Michael found a deep well of inspiration and respect that informs his writing, bringing authenticity to his action scenes and characterization.

Now, with the release of his debut novel, this serial entrepreneur, international adventurer, and self-confessed Frappuccino addict is poised to transport readers into a world filled with high-stakes intrigue and relentless action. Michael Maloof is not just writing thrillers; he’s lived them.

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